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Hare Krishna GAUshala

  • Gaushalas or Goshalas are protective shelters for stray cows in India.
  • Stray cows are unproductive, to prevent unproductive cows from being sent to the abattoir.
  • Here we taking care of 14 unproductive and aged cows, but we can’t do it alone.
  • Current Monthly Expenses
    • Food8,000 (This will be reduced in the future as we will be planting required food ourselves)
    • Medical1000~2500
    • Workers Salary – 12000
    • Other Maintenance – 4000
  • Find pictures BELOW!
  • We are working on Making Good fertilisers once it’s ready it will be available, want to book > HERE!
  • You can donate monthly HERE!
  • Single time Donations HERE!, Please mention HARE KRISHNA GAUSHALA in comments while paying!

Ek Vit Mazi (एक वीट माझी)

  • In Jan 2021, We have started a social initiative of contributing minimum Rs 100/- per person every month and give it to needy organisations.
  • We are proud to say that we have collected “Rs 2,04,201/-” and distributed it among 12 needy organisations.
  • Total more that 150 members are part of this good cause.
  • Please ping below numbers if you want to be part of this cause, making needy people happy.
  • For more information how this works please ping on below numbers.
  • +91 9822 344 858
  • +91 9325 914 322

TEENENGGR – Profit organisation

Here you can support me!

  • Making videos take time and money if you like my videos and want to support me for making more you can do it HERE!
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